MS Access

We are expert Microsoft Access developers and have years of experience building applications with this underrated and inexpensive desktop application. Properly managed, it can handle very large databases and perform extremely intensive processing, especially if used as a front-end user interface to Microsoft SQL Server.

Microsoft Access is the industry standard desktop Database Management System (DBMS) for the PC. PowerDEV is experienced in converting legacy systems in earlier versions of Access or other legacy systems (Dbase, Foxpro, etc) to create modern, highly flexible Access applications that can easily be integrated with other systems. We are particularly experienced in helping customers migrate from relatively disorganised data held in multiple spread sheets to proper database applications.

In our experience the 2 Gb limit on the size of an Access database is rarely an issue but performance typically deteriorates quickly when the number of simultaneous users exceeds fifteen. We can optimise your Access database to cope with multiple use or scale up to Microsoft’s enterprise DBMS, SQL Server.